A Client-Focused Approach Without The Judgment

The last thing you need if you face legal troubles is to feel like your own attorney is judging you because of the situation you are in. You want to work with a lawyer who treats you with compassion, respect and understanding while working to reach the best possible outcome.

You have come to the right place.

In addition to 25 years of legal experience and a genuine passion for her work, Care Enichen has compassion for your situation. Whether she is handling your defense or advocating for your rights in a family court, Care listens as much as she talks in order to develop a clear understanding of each client's unique circumstances, short and long-term objectives.

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Legal issues often mark a major turning point in people's lives. We understand the importance of the moment and our role in helping you resolve the matter. We serve clients in Boulder and throughout Colorado's Front Range. To speak with former county judge and district attorney Care Enichen, use our online contact form or call 720-443-4166.