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Drivers could get nabbed in DUI/DWAI crackdown in Colorado

The holiday season in Colorado is a time for people to spend time with family and friends and attend parties to celebrate various events. That can be positive and enjoyable. However, it can also lead to people getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. When law enforcement makes a traffic stop and arrests the person for driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired, it can lead to fines, lost driving privileges and even jail time. The circumstances in which people will be charged with DUI/DWAI can differ, but when law enforcement is having a scheduled crackdown, it could lead to more people facing charges and in need of legal help.

There will be a periodic increase in patrols for law enforcement to find and arrest drivers committing DUI/DWAI. This is part of the holiday season and will continue throughout much of the month. Referred to as "The Heat Is On," the state is trying to prevent people from driving under the influence and making sure that their increased enforcement is known. The goal is to stop the accidents with injuries and fatalities that are part of drivers getting behind the wheel under the influence.

Make sure to have legal help when facing property crimes

Being accused of property crimes in Boulder can cause a slew of problems. In many instances, people are not even aware that they have committed a crime when they suddenly find themselves under arrest and are facing the prospect of a trial and a variety of penalties. The level of what was taken or done can have an impact whether it is a small incident and a misdemeanor or a larger incident and a felony. These allegations can impact minors or people who are legal adults. There are many ways for property crimes to be alleged and it is imperative for those who are confronted with these charges to have a strong legal defense.

People can find themselves making mistakes based on desperation or a simple momentary lapse in judgment. It might have been a misunderstanding with money, a motor vehicle or another item that the person used without permission. These are not the acts of hardened criminals, but simple missteps that should not lead to a lifetime of regret and an extended jail sentence.

Determining parenting time in family law and divorce

When a Colorado couple has ended their union, but shares a child, there are inevitable issues that must be addressed as part of their divorce settlement. The best interests of the child are, obviously, paramount, but determining parenting time is one of the most important factors with the care and nurturing of the child. Understanding what the law says about the child's best interests and parenting time is one of the key factors that the parents should grasp as the case moves forward.

Whether it stems from motions from either party or the court deciding to make the motions on its own, there can be parenting time provisions that the court views as being in the best interests of the child. A caveat is that if the court has a hearing and finds that parenting time for one or both parties would constitute a danger to the child or impair development, other provisions can be made. If it is found that the child will be put in danger or the development will be hindered, there can be a restriction in the parenting time.

New criminal diversion programs in Boulder County

Boulder County will soon offer two new programs to help people with mental health or addiction problems stay out of jail. The Boulder County DA, Michael Dougherty, stated that too many people are entering the criminal justice system because of a mental health issue. These programs aim to address that problem starting in early 2019. Grants from the U.S. Department of Justice will fund both programs.


What are the penalties for first-offense DUI/DWAI in Colorado?

Coloradans who are dealing with a first-offense for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) should know what to expect in terms of potential penalties. Because the state takes it seriously when people who are under the influence and impaired are behind the wheel, the laws and the penalties reflect that attempt to dissuade people from taking part in the activity. Knowing the penalties that can come about if there is a conviction is key to deciding a defense strategy.

When there is a conviction for DUI, the person will be imprisoned for a minimum of five days and up to one year. The five days are mandatory. However, this can be suspended if the person takes part in alcohol evaluation and completes the financial obligations for a Level I or II program. There can be a fine of a minimum of $600 and up to $1,000. The court can suspend the fine. There will be a minimum of 48 hours of community service and a maximum of 96 hours. This cannot be suspended. Should the person's blood-alcohol concentration be 0.20 or above when driving or within two hours of driving, the minimum jail sentence will be 10 days.

Man gets into woman's car uninvited, charged with harassment

In Boulder and across Colorado, people can face allegations for crimes that can lead to jail time, fines and more. One of the most difficult on a personal and legal level is when a person is accused of harassment. In today's climate, there is greater sensitivity to any misstep another person might make. When the police are called and there is an arrest, the allegations can be as problematic as they are embarrassing. Seeking legal assistance is an important factor in pursuing an acceptable resolution when charged with harassment.

A 29-year-old man was arrested after he was accused of harassing a woman at the University of Colorado Boulder. He was said to have entered a vehicle that was owned by the university as she was driving it. It was then that he fondled her. The woman was working as a driver for the school's ride service when the incident occurred. He did not have permission to get into the car. She claims he stopped her from using her phone and issued threats should she call for assistance. He touched and tried to kiss her. She drove to a gas station and the man ran from the vehicle.

Crash with bicyclist leads to woman needing criminal defense

In Boulder and throughout Colorado, drivers accused of committing crimes with their vehicles will inevitably face charges. They can range from driving under the influence, to leaving the scene of an accident to injuring another person. Along with these accusations will come a variety of penalties, including loss of driving privileges, fines and even jail. When dealing with these cases, it is imperative to understand the importance of a strong criminal defense.

A 36-year-old woman was arrested after she hit a bicyclist with her car and left the scene. The accident occurred in the mid-evening at around 6:30 p.m. According to the investigation, the woman was in an Acura MDX and a bicyclist was in front of her. The vehicle's side-view mirror clipped the rider and she was thrown from the bike. The driver says -- and witnesses corroborate -- the difficulty in seeing because of the sun.

What can accusations of vandalism lead to in Colorado?

Being accused of vandalism here in Colorado can leave a person facing charges of criminal mischief. Under state law, criminal mischief is the knowing damaging of property that someone else has an ownership interest in.

Just how severe of a charge criminal mischief is and what penalties could be given for a conviction on it depends on the specifics of the allegation.

Opioid deaths at an all-time high in Colorado

School is in full swing, and many students are enjoying the socialization and activities. College is a time of exploration and self-discovery. On the other hand, students are exposed to peer pressure and other external factors. Parents might nervously anticipate what the new academic year will bring.

Typical concerns involve late-night partying and drunk driving. But according to a new Colorado Health Institute report, there’s another trend to look out for.

Why your mental health means everything

Difficult times in life arise, there is no doubt about that. It may feel worse when working through legal issues and still expected to manage your workload and personal life responsibilities. When life takes a downward turn, your mental health is tested. Emotional pain, stress, worry, depression and anxiety can trap you into an unhealthy state-of-mind.

Taking care of your mental health may not be something you consciously make time for, but its value is priceless. When you come down with the flu, the tendency is to greatly cherish your health and no longer take it for granted. The same is true for your mental and emotional wellbeing. By valuing your mental health, you can avoid the deepest and darkest places that result from neglecting it.

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