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Female breadwinners consider implications of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | Family Law And Divorce |

Female breadwinners in Colorado and across the country are now having the broader conversation about the implications of divorce. Women are becoming savvier in taking ownership of their careers and becoming successful, but they may be responsible for alimony after divorcing their spouse. In the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, more than 4 in 10 attorneys reported an increase in women being on the hook for spousal maintenance and child support.

The family dynamic has changed, giving some men more responsibilities for child care than seen in decades past. In 4 out of 10 families in the United States, the women are the primary breadwinners in the household.

Higher-paid women must prepare for the event of a divorce and potentially being responsible for child support or alimony. Preparation for a divorce may seem uncomfortable, but it can be empowering for female breadwinners. Legal experts in family law and divorce maintain that a prenuptial agreement should be a consideration for high-earning women.

In 2010, only 3 percent of males were recipients of alimony according to a Pew Research survey. This phenomenon comes on the heels of a 1979 landmark decision where the court ruled that divorce would be gender-neutral. Sexism is still very much a part of the conversation for high-earning female breadwinners, however. Some women are incensed about having to support a a man who is physically able to work.

Prenuptial agreements and divorce negotiations can be complex. They require the attention of a family law and divorce attorney well-versed in all financial aspects of a family. Consulting an attorney may be an empowering experience for successful women navigating the process of divorce.

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