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Financial woes are a major cause for divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Family Law And Divorce |

Many married Colorado couples have experienced marital tension due to financial issues. They are not alone in this. In fact, some studies show that a majority of divorces are caused by financial struggles. However, there are ways to work around financial issues.

According to some experts, many couples struggle with financial issues due to their differing financial values. If one partner is a saver and another a spender, their values might lead them to fight over their financial goals and lifestyle. However, if they can agree on what to save and spend, they have a good chance of working through problems. Another issue many couples face is a lack of communication about finances, particularly when one spouse is not being heard in the relationship. Couples can work on this by setting pre-determined monthly meetings to go over their finances and by being open and honest.

Lack of savings is another issue that often comes up as a reason for conflict. This can cause stress when the couple faces emergencies. One way to solve this is to begin auto-saving plans that take money from paychecks. Even if one spouse is a spender, however, the other spouse should not hide money in order to save. Ultimately, this could breed distrust.

For some couples, of course, financial struggles are only a part of their differences. Even after working on their marriage, a couple might end up dealing with issues of family law and divorce. For residents who find themselves in this type of situation, the assistance of a family law attorney might be useful. A lawyer can explain how the divorce process works and provide advice during the negotiation period. They can also offer representation in court.

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