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August 2018 Archives

Why your mental health means everything

Difficult times in life arise, there is no doubt about that. It may feel worse when working through legal issues and still expected to manage your workload and personal life responsibilities. When life takes a downward turn, your mental health is tested. Emotional pain, stress, worry, depression and anxiety can trap you into an unhealthy state-of-mind.

Football player receives plea deal

Colorado residents may have heard about the guilty plea entered by Oakland Raiders cornerback Daryl Worley. He pleaded guilty on June 18 to three charges including driving while under the influence of alcohol and having firearms in his vehicle. The DUI conviction led to a 72-hour jail sentence while the other charges resulted in two years of probation. However, the defensive back was credited with time served as it related to his jail sentence.

Making co-parenting successful

After a divorce, Colorado parents will be faced with the very important task of raising their kids in separate households. No matter the situations that caused the divorce, or the feelings that might still linger afterward, parents should work together to raise their children. Although challenging, co-parenting after a divorce can be done successfully.

Colorado developer continues a six-year battle against charges

White collar crime allegations can be devastating to more than just your freedom. Not only can someone end up with expensive fines and a prison sentence, consequences can radiate into all areas of your life. Allegations can damage your reputation in an industry, permanently affecting your career. Some criminal cases can drag on for years, even after being dismissed in court.

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