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Make sure to have legal help when facing property crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Property Crimes |

Being accused of property crimes in Boulder can cause a slew of problems. In many instances, people are not even aware that they have committed a crime when they suddenly find themselves under arrest and are facing the prospect of a trial and a variety of penalties. The level of what was taken or done can have an impact whether it is a small incident and a misdemeanor or a larger incident and a felony. These allegations can impact minors or people who are legal adults. There are many ways for property crimes to be alleged and it is imperative for those who are confronted with these charges to have a strong legal defense.

People can find themselves making mistakes based on desperation or a simple momentary lapse in judgment. It might have been a misunderstanding with money, a motor vehicle or another item that the person used without permission. These are not the acts of hardened criminals, but simple missteps that should not lead to a lifetime of regret and an extended jail sentence.

Other property crimes that a person might commit can involve shoplifting, trespassing, vandalism, embezzlement and burglary. Often, these are committed by people who are underage and are using it as a rite of passage, are trying to impress their friends or do not have the money necessary to buy items they want. That does not excuse it, but it also does not mean that their lives should be ruined because of it. There are even cases where the person was involved in an ancillary way as a driver or was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had no idea what others were doing and how it could negatively affect their lives.

Even people who intended to commit crimes warrant a legal defense. Perhaps extenuating circumstances were involved and this will be an explanation for the behavior sufficient to reduce the charges and offer to let them take part in a program or have a plea bargain. When there is an arrest for property crimes — regardless of the circumstances — people often forget their rights and how a legal advocate can help them with their defense. Failing to lodge a defense can lead to jail time and the worst-case scenario with long-term consequences. A law firm that understands how to defend those charged with property crimes can give advice and guidance.

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