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Reckless and careless driving leads to impounding of car

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Some drivers in Boulder like to take to the road and explore how fast their vehicle can go. This is especially true if a person is driving a sports car that is designed to drive fast. While there are places where people can race legally without putting others at risk, doing so on the open roadways in Colorado will inevitably result in law enforcement becoming involved and possibly making an arrest. When the driver abandons the vehicle and flees, it is generally unavoidable that law enforcement will find that person. It is wise to think about legal alternatives to formulate a defense immediately.

A yellow Chevrolet Corvette was impounded by law enforcement after its driver was said to have been driving at excessive speed on the road, nearly leading to accidents. Reports were coming in at around lunchtime informing law enforcement of a vehicle that was being operated in a reckless manner. The driver was said to have been going over the center line and placed other drivers in jeopardy.

The vehicle was located, but it had been abandoned in a parking garage. It was seized. According to the sheriff’s office, they have determined to whom the vehicle is registered and that the person was driving it. He also has felony warrants for other violations behind the wheel. People who might have been victims of the driver’s behavior have been asked to contact law enforcement.

Being confronted with allegations of reckless driving might not sound as if it is a big problem, particularly if there was no accident and no one was injured. Law enforcement and prosecutors do not agree. People who are convicted for these driving-related charges can face as much as 90 days in jail. When there is a crash and people are injured or killed, that can extend to up to one year. That does not even mention the impact this will have on a person’s driver’s license.

When facing serious allegations such as these, a strong legal defense is a must. Understanding the scope of the charges and possible defenses by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney would be a good first step for those looking to defend themselves in the strongest manner possible.

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