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Man arrested for harassment and stalking ex-girlfriend

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Harassment |

Throughout Colorado, people become involved in relationships that go sour. In most cases, both parties will go their separate ways and forget about the other person. In some, however, people are accused of stalking and harassment. Those who are facing accusations that they are behaving as a stalker or harassing another person could deal with a variety of penalties if there is a conviction. In addition, the words “stalking” and “harassment” carry with them such negative connotations that it can hinder a person’s life over the long-term. Having legal defense is imperative when dealing with these situations.

A man was accused of stalking and harassing an ex-girlfriend. He was arrested. The man, 58, was said to have continually contacted the woman by calling her and sending her text messages. He was arriving at her workplace, going to her home without an invitation, and tried to contact her using social media. This is said to have continued for six months after they parted ways as a couple. Her co-workers stated that the man also made calls to the business and hung up when she was not the person who picked up the phone. Another said she saw the man walk back and forth in front of the business to see if the woman was there.

The man was also accused of dropping a long love letter of 18 pages at her home while she was not present. He put a letter on her vehicle at a location where he should not have known she was there. He went to her residence and pleaded with her to get back together. The man asserted that it was a misunderstanding and he is innocent of the charges. He is confronted with felony charges for stalking and domestic violence. He faces misdemeanor harassment charges. An order of protection was issued to stop him from contacting her.

The allegations in this case are troubling and, if true, the woman had the right to be concerned about her safety. However, while it is difficult for most to understand, there are two sides to every story and it is possible that the man was not behaving as inappropriately as the accusations indicate. Perhaps a plea bargain or counseling would be a viable alternative to going through with a trial. It is even possible that he is innocent. Given the stalking and harassment charges, he must contact a law firm that represents people arrested in these cases as soon as possible to craft a strong defense.

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