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March 2019 Archives

DUI/DWAI charges for woman after crash with bicyclist

When considering legal violations and what can get people into trouble with the law in Colorado, one of the most common ways in which people who are otherwise law-abiding can find themselves under arrest is if they are accused of driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired. A conviction can result in jail time, fines and a loss of driving privileges. The severity of the penalties will often depend on the circumstances of the incident that precipitated the arrest. For example, if there was a crash, the person can face harsher penalties than they would for a simple DUI/DWAI charge. Regardless, those who are charged should make sure they have a strong legal defense to try and combat the charges.

Disputes over parenting time in family law and divorce

Any Colorado marriage that fails will have disputes. Some of them are minor and the couple can be amicable with one another. Others are contentious and children and other basic issues are the only reasons they have continued contact. Most generally fall somewhere in between. With family law and divorce, conflict can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most complicated and contentious is when there is a disagreement over parenting time. Understanding the law in these matters is helpful. Also important is having legal advice from a qualified family attorney.

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