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Men arrested on property crimes for bicycle thefts

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Property Crimes |

Colorado property crimes and a conviction for them can lead to significant penalties and extensive problems. These can be linked to the theft of large items and smaller items. Those who are accused might not realize the possibility of jail time, fines and how a conviction can impact their lives even after they have completed a sentence. Numerous problems can arise from any criminal conviction and it is important to understand how legal advice can be integral to a defense.

Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing bicycles on the campus of Colorado University. These incidents occurred both on and close to the campus. A person saw something happening at the bike racks near a residence. Law enforcement was called and one man was arrested because of theft and for possessing burglary tools. Several days later, a bicycle that was used for bait was found to be moving. It had a chip to track its whereabouts. A man was found with the bicycle and arrested. He too faces charges for theft and possessing burglary tools. He also had drugs and was found to have three outstanding warrants.

Being arrested for any reason can hinder a person’s life. While they might believe that stealing an item like a bicycle is not a serious issue, it can still result in major charges. Jail time and fines are just part of the aftermath of a conviction for property crimes. It can damage a person’s standing in a community, prevent them from getting jobs, and hurt their chances of getting into a school. It is wise to remember that all cases are based on evidence. There could be weak points in the prosecution that will help with a defense and acquittal. It might be useful to consider a plea bargain. Or the person could be innocent. Legal advice is a must to prepare a defense.

Two men were arrested on bicycle theft charges in separate incidents. Since some bicycles are exorbitantly expensive, the possible penalties for these types of charges can be raised substantially. No matter the allegations, those charged in any crime must have a strong legal defense. A law firm that has helped many people accused of property crimes should be contacted for advice.

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