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DUI arrest rates are high on summer holidays

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Blog |

Summer can be a bittersweet season for many college students in more ways than one. For some, it may be some of their last months off before they get back to studying and eventually adulthood. For those who have summer jobs and internships, they are getting a taste of things to come. Regardless of what category you fall under, you at least still get to take advantage of national holidays where you, your family and your friends can take some much-needed time off.

The Fourth of July and Labor Day are some of the most celebrated holidays in the nation. However, that also makes them some of the most dangerous for drivers on the road. In 2017, there were 394 drivers in Colorado arrested for suspected DUI. The police are on high alert, so even the slightest mistake while driving can raise suspicions for them. Here are some factors you need to consider before making party plans around these holidays:

There are more DUI stops than usual

No matter how short or long your route is or whether you’re driving through the city or the mountains, you’re bound to drive across a police car hidden on the side of the road. Officers are aware of how bad drunk driving can get since there are usually dozens of traffic fatalities on these holidays with over half of them caused by impaired driving alone.

Don’t assume that your route will be devoid of cops whether you can see them on the road or not. Even the slightest sign that you are going too fast or are struggling to drive straight may be enough for them to decide to pull you over.

Nighttime is when they are most active. Drowsy driving can also be interpreted differently by them, so as much as you want to avoid that dreadful holiday traffic, make sure you leave at a time when you’re not exhausted. You need to take these precautions throughout the whole week, as it’s not just the Fourth where they will be on high alert.

Review your potential ride options

Since it is one of your last holidays as a student, you may feel like joining in on the festivities and drinking a couple of beers at the backyard barbecue. It should be common knowledge by now that you should have a designated driver planned if you plan on drinking at a bar or party.

However, you do need to keep in mind getting a ride on a holiday such as the Fourth or Labor Day isn’t as simple as getting one in a regular week. Ride services are still active around these holidays, but they are much busier and are at a limited capacity since several of their drivers are likely taking these days off as well. If you’re in a popular city like Denver, don’t expect them to arrive quickly amidst all the traffic.

If you have a friend or family member volunteer to take you home, make sure they don’t start drinking any alcohol with you as well. Drivers don’t have to have their BAC over .08 percent to face possible DUI charges.

With such a high DUI arrest rate during these summer holidays, there is bound to be plenty of drivers wrongfully accused of taking their celebrations too far. If you or a loved one face serious charges in these circumstances, make sure you know where to contact a DUI attorney that can help you out.

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