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3 ways technology is changing the criminal justice system

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Throughout history, the legal system in Colorado has seen many changes. From the early days to today, technology has always played a role in many of these. They are still occurring, and technology is still right there spurring on more change.

The criminal justice system has seen significant changes over time. There are many good results of technology entering this field. Here is a look at three ways technology is having an impact on the system for the better.

  1. Electronic monitoring

Forbes explains that technology allows law enforcement to better monitor those who are on probation, parole or other supervision. This level of oversight mitigates the risk that someone will re-offend. Having more advanced monitoring options allows judges to make use of alternatives to incarceration, which helps with overpopulation issues in prisons and jails.

  1. Sensors

Sensors have many uses within law enforcement. Authorities can place them in neighborhoods to send signals when someone discharges a weapon. These devices can monitor activities in high-risk areas as well. They can help get officers into areas quicker to respond to incidents while also helping to keep the streets safer.

They are fairly easy to install and have a good success rate, so they are showing already to be very effective.

  1. Facial recognition software

Facial recognition software and other similar types of programs can change the face of the system. These programs can help identify those with outstanding warrants, prevent bias and ensure accuracy within the law enforcement community.

These are just the beginning of the ways that technology is driving change within law enforcement to bring about improvement. When the criminal justice system improves, fewer people remain in prison and justice is more likely to prevail.

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