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Signs of workplace embezzlement

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Blog |

Dedication to your job is an admirable and worthwhile endeavor. Like other committed workers in Colorado, you might come to your job early, work later hours, or make active efforts to solve workplace problems. However, not all people who put in such effort into their job are honest people. Some workers actually use extra time at the workplace to steal workplace assets and then cover up their crimes. 

CNBC points out employees who engage in workplace embezzlement generally show qualities that employers would want in their workers. For this reason, it is not always easy to identify an embezzler. In addition to working longer hours, embezzlers may forego going on vacation and take an active interest in workplace operations. However, these activities are actually geared to siphoning off workplace assets and covering up the crimes. 

Being a dedicated worker should not needlessly invite suspicion that the worker is stealing from the company. Other signs may indicate that someone is embezzling workplace money. In addition to working long hours, some embezzlers show signs of wealth that is above their current financial status. For instance, a worker may start driving around in an expensive car that the worker likely should not have the resources to afford. 

According to Small Biz Journals, workplaces could curb embezzlement by establishing security cameras, which can be used to monitor places of inventory, offices and where cash is kept. Employers can also divide up responsibilities so that no single employee possesses a lot of power over money or inventory. These measures could also help clear an innocent worker who may fall under suspicion because he or she works long hours and does not take time off from work. 

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