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How do you handle a restraining order in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

In order to obtain a protection order in Colorado, which some people think of as a restraining order, you are going to need to show the court some instances of domestic violence. These instances could be physical assault, sexual assault, harassment or stalking. According to MyDomaine, the court is going to look at a variety of different things to determine whether you need that protection order to ensure the behavior stops.

Many attorneys are very specific in the way that they prepare clients for these hearings because they are like mini-trials. If there is not going to be an agreement reached as it relates to this issue, you will have to go in front of the court and testify. It is important for your attorney to prepare you to testify and to know what questions they are going to ask you on cross-examination. Your attorney will talk to any witnesses who might be appropriate to call. Also, your attorney might get any objective evidence, like text messages, pictures or anything else that helps to support your case. This procedure happens when you are asking for an order of protection or defending against one.

To obtain a protection order, you will first obtain a temporary protection order. You are going to go before the court and explain the situation that occurred and why you need that protection order. You will go by yourself, so their spouse will not be present at that time. Then, you will return back before the court with that other party present, and the court will determine whether that temporary protection order should be made permanent.

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