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How much does insurance increase after a Colorado DUI?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Dui/dwai |

A Colorado drunk driving conviction has the potential to cost you a large amount of money once you factor in all related expenses, and some off those expenses may stay with you for years. In addition to having to pay fines and other expenditures related to the offense, your auto insurance bills are also going to rise.

According to Insure.com, Colorado drivers pay quite a bit more for insurance coverage once they have convictions for driving under the influence. How much of an automotive insurance hike might you see after a DUI?

A steep increase

As an otherwise-typical Colorado motorist, you might watch your car insurance premiums increase by almost 70% after a conviction for DUI. Before your conviction, you might have had to pay about $1,675 every year for car insurance in Colorado. After your first DUI, this figure may increase to about $2,834, which is a difference of $1,159 a year.

Insurance denials

Paying an extra $1,159 a year to insure yourself behind the wheel may prove to be a financial challenge. However, you may face other challenges when it comes to finding an insurance provider that wants to offer you a policy. Some providers avoid covering drivers with DUIs at all. Others may offer you coverage, but they may do so at an even higher rate than those outlined above.

Because the cost of a car insurance policy may vary so much once you have a DUI, you may find that it benefits you to explore several options before selecting an insurance provider. Keep in mind that in Colorado, a DUI conviction stays with you for 10 years, so you may face higher insurance rates for many months to come.

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