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What do you know about explaining your DUI during job interviews?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Dui/dwai |

After your recent encounter with Colorado law enforcement, you must navigate having a DUI on your criminal record. How does this affect your ongoing job search?

Chron shares tips for explaining your drunk driving charge to employers. Understand how to present yourself as a strong candidate.

Learn your rights

Just because police arrested you for drunk driving does not mean you no longer have rights. For instance, you have the right to look into your criminal background before recruiters do. That way, you know if someone else’s charge appears on your background check, if your record contains outdated or inaccurate information or if you have multiple charges when you only have one. If you find discrepancies, find out how to clear them up before continuing your job search.

Explain what happened

Rather than shy away from your DUI, take control of the situation by leaning into the details. How did life change for you after getting your charge? Were you in a bad place in life when you drove while intoxicated? What steps do you take now to ensure you do not receive another DUI? The point is to reassure hiring managers that you learned your lesson and want to improve yourself.

Choose the time wisely

You do not have to let companies know about your DUI before introducing yourself or on a cover letter. Instead, wait until you land a second or third interview or when the hiring manager extends a job offer. By waiting to mention your charge, you make space for showing the kind of worker you are and how you may help the company.

Your DWAI or DUI charge does not bar you from every job opening. Use these insights to help set yourself up for career success.

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