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DoJ cracking down on cyber crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Blog, Criminal Defense |

The internet has brought on an entirely new world of interaction, some of it nefarious in nature. Unscrupulous actors have figured out how to manipulate the system and misrepresent themselves as valid business entities or even hack into existing systems that were once thought protected and secure. It all happens under a veil of secrecy that leaves policing agencies at a severe disadvantage. Law enforcement agencies in both Colorado and the U.S. Department of Justice have apparently realized the need for more scrutiny and are now prioritizing cybercrime investigations.

Focus on ransomware

The primary problem that the DOJ is targeting is the rash of ransomware attacks that have been perpetrated on American businesses over the past few years. In the last year alone, a primary oil provider was hacked and had to pay a $4 million ransom to regain control of their files and operating infrastructure. These types of white-collar crimes cannot only be difficult to pinpoint, but the funds that are transferred in digital-based money such as Bitcoin makes it impossible to recover those financial resources.

Secondary focus on domestic cyber crimes

While the first target of the new DOJ priority policy will be investigating foreign hacking attacks, the program will assuredly be extended to potential domestic attacks as well. Protecting American companies including those in Colorado can easily include defending against domestic white-collar crimes along with the foreign attacks that occur outside of national jurisdiction.

While the new policy will be primarily directed at collusive cybercrime organizations regardless of ransomware demands, it is also clear that many individuals will be identified as potential cybercriminals even due to isolated events that could or could not be malicious. Everyone in Colorado who is conducting business online with major corporations or the government should be aware that the DOJ is now getting very serious about these white-collar crimes.

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