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Surprising home burglary statistics

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Blog, Criminal Defense |

Home burglary is one of the most common crimes in Colorado and throughout the U.S. There are some useful stats and figures that can help people understand more about the patterns behind this crime and its frequency.

Understanding the prevalence of home burglary

According to one study, the average burglary ends with over $2,000 of goods going missing, and these crimes happen twice a minute on average. The most common places for burglaries are rented units and rural residences, and a surprising number of burglaries happen during the afternoon rather than at night. However, most people don’t know that burglaries have been decreasing for decades, like other forms of crime.

Defending against burglary charges

Nowadays, more video surveillance and other tools are part of home security systems. However, people don’t always take proper care of these tools, and they don’t always perform correctly. Some tools, like facial recognition, can identify the wrong person. Criminal defense is a more complex legal battle than it used to be due to these tools. A homeowner’s security camera video footage may be cited as key evidence in a burglary case, but there could be serious problems with how the footage was obtained or the person identified in it.

The penalties and outcomes for someone convicted of burglary can vary based on the nature of the case as well as any prior cases. However, a conviction will result in a criminal record on top of the penalties, which could make it harder for the defendant to get a job or education. For this reason, a person accused of burglary may want to mount a defense to avoid a conviction.

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