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Stealing and underlying issues

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

If you take something that isn’t yours, then it’s considered stealing in Colorado. This could be an act that’s as simple as a child taking a toy from someone else or something as significant as taking high-priced items from a store. Even though any form of stealing is wrong, there could be a few underlying behavioral issues in place that lead to this type of crime.


A reason why stealing is one of the white-collar crimes that are sometimes spontaneously committed is due to the perpetrator being jealous. You might see that another person has an outfit that you like or a piece of jewelry that you want and instead of buying that item, you make the decision to steal that item or something similar.


If your self-esteem is low, then you might decide to steal so that you gain the attention that you desire. Family members might not pay attention to you at home. If they do, then it might be in a negative way, leading to your self-esteem being low and thinking that you have no one who loves you. When you steal something, you could still receive negative attention, but the crime puts you in the spotlight for at least a short time, which could temporarily increase your self-esteem.

Bipolar and anxiety disorders

Sometimes, you might not be able to control the impulses that you have while you’re in a store or around other people. Once the anxiety that you have or the mental illness that you have begins to take over, you might not have the clarity to realize that stealing could result in severe consequences.

Although stealing is a crime, there could be underlying issues that can be treated that have led to the decisions that are made.

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