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Attending court-appointed Alcoholics Anonymous

On Behalf of | May 14, 2023 | Dui/dwai |

People convicted of driving under the influence or another related alcohol-related offense in Colorado may be sentenced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The judge may not make this a part of your sentence, and instead, they will likely assign you to see a court-appointed official who will order you to attend the meetings. If you have not been through the process before, it is natural to wonder what will occur.

Meeting with court-appointed representative

The judge finding you guilty of an alcohol-related offense will tell you which court-appointed representative will be assigned to your case. Usually, this person will be a probation officer, counselor, or caseworker. They will give you a test and determine the number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings you must attend. Sometimes, they may decide you do not need to attend meetings.

Find meetings to attend

The counselor may give you a list of meetings near you. If you have problems getting to meetings, you can do them online. If you choose to find a different meeting to attend, ensure they sign the court form the counselor will give you.

Attend meetings

You are responsible for going to the meeting assigned because of your DUI or related offense and getting someone to sign your form. You will not be required to say anything during the session.

Return to the court-appointed official

When you have attended the required meetings, set up an appointment with your court-appointed official again, they will sign off on your paperwork. Remember that you may have other tasks to complete, such as performing an assigned number of community service hours.

Some counselors assign Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as part of your punitive punishment for an alcohol-related offense. Attend the meetings to take care of this obligation.

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