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Separation agreements in Colorado

When a couple in Colorado is experiencing marital difficulties, they might not be sure they want to divorce immediately; they might prefer to negotiate a separation rather than have the case decided by a court. In many cases, the couple can benefit from spending some time apart and the marriage is salvageable. Or, maybe the couple is on amicable terms and can agree on the fundamental issues as they dissolve the marriage. For people in this situation, it is important to understand how a separation agreement can be used.

Colorado property division, family law and divorce

In a Colorado divorce, the focus will understandably be on children, their support and custodial issues. Spousal maintenance will also come to the forefront. There are many avenues of dispute in any case involving family law and divorce. Property division might get lost in the shuffle, but that does not diminish the importance of understanding the law and how it is determined what will be divided as marital property and what will be separate property. Having legal assistance is critical with these circumstances.

Disputes over parenting time in family law and divorce

Any Colorado marriage that fails will have disputes. Some of them are minor and the couple can be amicable with one another. Others are contentious and children and other basic issues are the only reasons they have continued contact. Most generally fall somewhere in between. With family law and divorce, conflict can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most complicated and contentious is when there is a disagreement over parenting time. Understanding the law in these matters is helpful. Also important is having legal advice from a qualified family attorney.

Determining parenting time in family law and divorce

When a Colorado couple has ended their union, but shares a child, there are inevitable issues that must be addressed as part of their divorce settlement. The best interests of the child are, obviously, paramount, but determining parenting time is one of the most important factors with the care and nurturing of the child. Understanding what the law says about the child's best interests and parenting time is one of the key factors that the parents should grasp as the case moves forward.

Making co-parenting successful

After a divorce, Colorado parents will be faced with the very important task of raising their kids in separate households. No matter the situations that caused the divorce, or the feelings that might still linger afterward, parents should work together to raise their children. Although challenging, co-parenting after a divorce can be done successfully.

What women should know about finances in divorce

Many people in Colorado may experience some unpleasant financial surprises when going through a divorce. One online marketplace, Worthy, found that nearly half of divorced women in a survey said this had happened to them. The incidence of surprise was greater among women under 55 than for those 55 and older.

Financial woes are a major cause for divorce

Many married Colorado couples have experienced marital tension due to financial issues. They are not alone in this. In fact, some studies show that a majority of divorces are caused by financial struggles. However, there are ways to work around financial issues.

Dealing with child custody for never-married parents

While child custody issues may be more simple when a baby's parents are married at the time of birth, an increasing number of Colorado parents are facing a different situation. A mother may not list her baby's father on the birth certificate if she was not married or otherwise involved in a relationship with him at the time of the baby's birth. In the future, however, questions can arise about child custody. Even single mothers without their children's fathers in the picture may wonder if they should go to court to establish legal custody.

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