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Man arrested for harassment and stalking ex-girlfriend

Throughout Colorado, people become involved in relationships that go sour. In most cases, both parties will go their separate ways and forget about the other person. In some, however, people are accused of stalking and harassment. Those who are facing accusations that they are behaving as a stalker or harassing another person could deal with a variety of penalties if there is a conviction. In addition, the words "stalking" and "harassment" carry with them such negative connotations that it can hinder a person's life over the long-term. Having legal defense is imperative when dealing with these situations.

Man gets into woman's car uninvited, charged with harassment

In Boulder and across Colorado, people can face allegations for crimes that can lead to jail time, fines and more. One of the most difficult on a personal and legal level is when a person is accused of harassment. In today's climate, there is greater sensitivity to any misstep another person might make. When the police are called and there is an arrest, the allegations can be as problematic as they are embarrassing. Seeking legal assistance is an important factor in pursuing an acceptable resolution when charged with harassment.

How authorities define harassment

Harassment cases in Colorado or anywhere else in the country could either be civil or criminal. Civil matters include sexual harassment cases or those involving violations of housing laws. Criminal matters tend to involve cases such as stalking, and the states themselves generally determine if a person should be charged with criminal harassment. States generally define this as anything that is meant to annoy or terrorize an individual is defined as criminal harassment.

3 things any parent should know about video game cyber-bullying

Video games were a lot simpler when you were a kid. Back then, the only other person involved in your game of Super Mario Bros. was the person sitting next to you on the couch. Nowadays, the gaming experience has moved online, making it much more interactive than before. You can play with friends and strangers around the globe.

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