A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

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Defend Your Future Against A DUI/DWAI Charge

A DUI/DWAI arrest will leave you concerned about repercussions for your driving privileges, career and education. Not only might you face jail time and fines, you may also have your driver’s license suspended and be subject to a university disciplinary hearing. However, you are not alone in this battle. Care Enichen offers experienced representation for drunk driving charges in Boulder and throughout the state.

What Are The Penalties For Drunk Driving In Colorado?

Colorado has two offenses you may be charged with. The first is driving while ability is impaired (DWAI) by alcohol or drugs. This charge is triggered by having blood alcohol content (BAC) above .05 percent but lower than .08 percent. You may also be charged with an offense if your blood contains 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter of blood. It moves you eight points closer to license suspension, may cost you $200 to $500 and may result in six months of jail time.

The more serious DUI charge occurs when you have BAC above .08 percent. Even for a first offense, you face possible license suspension, a possible one-year jail sentence or even mandatory jail if you have an excessive BAC, up to $1,000 fine and mandatory probation with months of alcohol classes.

Get Life Back On Track With Help From A Passionate Trial Attorney

If you are arrested for impaired driving, you need a lawyer immediately to handle both the criminal component as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles consequences. However, if you want peace of mind, you should seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Care Enichen, a former district attorney, has presided over hundreds of DUI/DWI cases and prosecuted a number of them as well. As someone with knowledge of both sides, she has a high rate of success in court.

It’s important to understand that how drunk driving cases are prosecuted varies greatly from county to county. Some counties offer treatment options. Some are harsher. If you face a DUI charge along the Front Range, you need an attorney who knows the local landscape, who knows the sentencing options, who understands the science behind breath and blood alcohol testing, and who has worked on cases from every possible angle. Care Enichen has witnessed both the enforcement of drunk driving laws and the effect of sentencing on families.

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