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Arrested For Drugged Or Drunk Driving? Protect Yourself With These Steps.

Being arrested and charged with drunk or drugged driving is a terrifying experience. You may feel powerless, confused and deeply intimidated. A million questions may be running through your mind all at once as you wonder what to do after a DUI arrest.

Attorney Care Enichen is a former district attorney and judge who has prosecuted and heard many drunk driving and drugged driving cases. Her experience gives her special insight into how these cases are won and lost. With that in mind, follow these tips to give yourself the best possible start on a solid defense strategy.

1. Get The Details Down On Paper

DUI and DWAI cases can hinge on the details. A missed step in procedure, a flawed search or a faulty testing process could derail the prosecution’s case. Write down everything you can remember, starting with the moments before the officer pulled you over. Ask yourself the following questions as you write:

  • Where were you stopped? What reason did the officer give for the stop?
  • Was a Breathalyzer administered? What did the device look like? Did it have a brand name?
  • Did you tell the officer where you were coming from or what you ate or drank?
  • Were you subjected to field sobriety tests? What were they?

Write down anything you remember the officer saying or asking. Keep the information for your attorney only.

2. Hire An Attorney To Protect Your Rights

There are many ways that a lawyer can challenge a DUI or DWAI charge. The validity of the test results can be called into question, so can the skill of the officer who administered it. The justification for the traffic stop can also be contested.

3. Switch Your Social Media Profiles To Private

Prosecutors can and will look at your social media profiles. Anything you say online can be used against you in court later. Photos, especially if you were out celebrating before the arrest, can also be used against you. Ask your friends and family members not to tag you in any photos or posts until your case is over. Never discuss your case or the circumstances surrounding your arrest online.

4. Request A Hearing At The DMV

DUI and DWAI charges are handled in court. However, driving penalties are decided at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You should schedule a hearing with an attorney present to defend your driving privileges.

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