A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

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We Help Ensure Proper Use Of Protective Orders

It is said that protection orders, also called restraining orders, fall into a category between criminal law and family law. They are issued to prevent one person from causing harm to another. They often function as a way to keep couples apart who can no longer be safely together.

The Law Office of Care Enichen, LLC, in Boulder can assist in what may feel like an overwhelming process. Attorney Care Enichen offers the emotional and legal support you need in a marriage dissolution case that may require protective orders.

Care issued hundreds of protective orders while working as a judge in Boulder County for 16 years. She knows when they are needed and when people attempt to use them inappropriately to gain an advantage. She works in a respectful manner to get to a safer place for everyone.

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Understanding What Protective Orders Can Accomplish

Protective orders can be issued to prevent another person from molesting, harassing or stalking. They also can prohibit a person from consuming alcohol or possessing a gun.

Protective orders cut two ways. They serve an important purpose by protecting individuals from other people who pose a threat. They can also be issued against you in a way that can seem unjust. Care Enichen helps litigants who need protection as well as defending against a groundless protection order sought only to harass the other party.

Act Immediately When Protective Orders Are Involved

Prompt action is important in order to protect your rights. It is important to choose a lawyer with deep experience in the intricacies of family law — a lawyer who treats parties in the most bitter disputes with respect and compassion.

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