A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

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A Helping Hand In Sorting Out Spousal Maintenance Issues

When one spouse is demanding spousal maintenance (also known as alimony), there are certain statutory conditions the court reviews to decide whether to grant this award. These include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • The requesting spouse’s ability to get employment
  • The requesting spouse’s ability to live on the division of property award
  • The effect of the property disposition
  • The needs of person receiving maintenance in terms of health and raising children

At The Law Office of Care Enichen, LLC, we will review your situation and the reasons behind the request for maintenance, whichever side of the equation you are on. We help a number of clients reach an agreement regarding alimony through negotiation. Avoiding litigation spares parties stress and saves money. However, if a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, Care is always prepared to advocate for her clients in court.

“I will review your separation to determine the validity of a request or denial of an award. This can be an emotional issue, especially when a couple doesn’t like each other. Someone seeking maintenance should have a good reason.”
Care Enichen

We Protect Our Clients’ Interests Regarding Alimony

Colorado law states that spousal maintenance must be paid at the standard of living during the marriage. This means if you want to change careers in order to avoid having to continue to support your spouse, a judge is likely to impute income because of the lifestyle you lived and the career you had during the marriage. Conversely, if you get a good job and improve your situation, your spouse may seek a modification of the court order to reduce or eliminate his or her payment of spousal maintenance.

Care Enichen will help you sort through the complex laws behind the payment of spousal maintenance and will fight for your rights, whether you are petitioning for payment or you are trying to have it removed from your separation agreement.

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