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Memorial Day DUI/DWAI arrests in Colorado surpass 300

On holidays in Colorado and across the U.S., law enforcement steps up its efforts to catch drivers who might be under the influence. That endeavor includes an increased law enforcement presence on the roads, checkpoints and other strategies designed specifically to catch drunk drivers.

Man faces DUI/DWAI charges after hitting police vehicle

Since drivers who are driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired can cause so much damage in Boulder and across Colorado, law enforcement is vigilant in finding these drivers, stopping them and placing them under arrest. In some cases, the arrest comes after a traffic stop or an accident. In more unusual cases, the alleged DUI/DWAI driver will essentially go directly to the police in unexpected ways. Regardless of how the arrest was made and its circumstances, people should know that they will face harsh penalties for a conviction. Having legal advice to defend against these charges is imperative and can avoid the worst consequences.

DUI/DWAI charges for woman after crash with bicyclist

When considering legal violations and what can get people into trouble with the law in Colorado, one of the most common ways in which people who are otherwise law-abiding can find themselves under arrest is if they are accused of driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired. A conviction can result in jail time, fines and a loss of driving privileges. The severity of the penalties will often depend on the circumstances of the incident that precipitated the arrest. For example, if there was a crash, the person can face harsher penalties than they would for a simple DUI/DWAI charge. Regardless, those who are charged should make sure they have a strong legal defense to try and combat the charges.

Man faces DUI/DWAI charges after driving into boutique

When there is an auto accident in Boulder, it is part of the investigative process that law enforcement will consider the possibility that the driver was driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired. This is especially true in an unusual kind of accident such as a driver crashing into a building or a store. It makes matters worse if there were injuries in the accident. When a driver is arrested for DUI/DWAI, it is imperative to understand the potential consequences of a conviction and to know that there are avenues to craft a viable defense with assistance from a qualified legal professional.

DUI/DWAI charges can apply to bicyclists in Colorado

When driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired are understandably associated with people operating a motor vehicle in Colorado, it is important to understand that the charges can be applicable in other circumstances too. This could sound unusual, but many people are arrested for violations when they did not even realize there were laws regulating certain activities. Riding a bicycle while under the influence is one of them.

Drivers could get nabbed in DUI/DWAI crackdown in Colorado

The holiday season in Colorado is a time for people to spend time with family and friends and attend parties to celebrate various events. That can be positive and enjoyable. However, it can also lead to people getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. When law enforcement makes a traffic stop and arrests the person for driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired, it can lead to fines, lost driving privileges and even jail time. The circumstances in which people will be charged with DUI/DWAI can differ, but when law enforcement is having a scheduled crackdown, it could lead to more people facing charges and in need of legal help.

What are the penalties for first-offense DUI/DWAI in Colorado?

Coloradans who are dealing with a first-offense for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) should know what to expect in terms of potential penalties. Because the state takes it seriously when people who are under the influence and impaired are behind the wheel, the laws and the penalties reflect that attempt to dissuade people from taking part in the activity. Knowing the penalties that can come about if there is a conviction is key to deciding a defense strategy.

Football player receives plea deal

Colorado residents may have heard about the guilty plea entered by Oakland Raiders cornerback Daryl Worley. He pleaded guilty on June 18 to three charges including driving while under the influence of alcohol and having firearms in his vehicle. The DUI conviction led to a 72-hour jail sentence while the other charges resulted in two years of probation. However, the defensive back was credited with time served as it related to his jail sentence.

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