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April 2018 Archives

Joint legal custody can work for parents and adults

When divorced parents are willing to communicate and work together for the sake of their child, joint legal custody can be an effective arrangement. Even when parents in Colorado or any other state don't think that they can work together, such an arrangement may give them the motivation to try to do so. Although there is no trail for divorced parents to take when raising their children, this task can be difficult even when the parents stay married.

Setting visitation schedules that work

When parents create a visitation schedule, it should be one that works for both parents as well as the child. Alternating weekends are an option and work for many parents. In this arrangement, children will live with the custodial parent and spend alternating weekends with the non-custodial parent. Most visits begin on Friday evenings and end on Sunday evenings. This is an option that works well for parents who are newly separated and who are trying to adjust to spending time away from their kids.

How gray divorce impacts finances

For spouses age 50 or older, a divorce can represent a major life change. In some cases, a newly divorced person in Colorado could be responsible for their own finances for the first time. The financial decisions that they make can have a big impact on their future. In a UBS Global Wealth Management survey of divorced and widowed women, 59 percent of respondents said that they regretted not making such decisions when they were married.

Divorce process often includes formal mediation

When a Colorado couple decides to end a marriage, the estranged spouses often disagree on various aspects of property division and child custody. Instead of both parties battling in court where a judge will make arbitrary decisions, people have the option of mediation. They can seek this service out voluntarily, but courts often order it to prevent divorce disputes from overburdening the court schedules.

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