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June 2018 Archives

Dealing with child custody for never-married parents

While child custody issues may be more simple when a baby's parents are married at the time of birth, an increasing number of Colorado parents are facing a different situation. A mother may not list her baby's father on the birth certificate if she was not married or otherwise involved in a relationship with him at the time of the baby's birth. In the future, however, questions can arise about child custody. Even single mothers without their children's fathers in the picture may wonder if they should go to court to establish legal custody.

How is criminal mischief different from a felony in Colorado?

Summer break is in full swing. College and high school students alike have anticipated free time to spend with friends and socialize at parties. Grill outs, bonfire, nights out at the beach and at vacation homes are hotspots for young adults to hang out. Sometimes the party gets out of hand, and property might get damaged. Unintentional or not, the police get involved and the word is dropped: Criminal mischief is the charge.

Injunctions that are issued when divorces are pending

When people want to get divorced in Colorado, they need to be prepared for some of the restrictions that will be placed on them once they file their petitions for dissolution. When divorce petitions are filed in the state, the court issues several automatic injunctions.

Female breadwinners consider implications of divorce

Female breadwinners in Colorado and across the country are now having the broader conversation about the implications of divorce. Women are becoming savvier in taking ownership of their careers and becoming successful, but they may be responsible for alimony after divorcing their spouse. In the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, more than 4 in 10 attorneys reported an increase in women being on the hook for spousal maintenance and child support.

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