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May 2018 Archives

The impact of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on alimony payments

For many ex-spouses in Colorado, coming to an agreement on alimony can be an arduous task. To begin with, creating a payment structure that offers the recipient what they want while helping the payer maintain as much of their income as possible is no easy feat. Additionally, laws are constantly changing, forcing soon-to-be exes to reassess how they plan to settle matters.

How authorities define harassment

Harassment cases in Colorado or anywhere else in the country could either be civil or criminal. Civil matters include sexual harassment cases or those involving violations of housing laws. Criminal matters tend to involve cases such as stalking, and the states themselves generally determine if a person should be charged with criminal harassment. States generally define this as anything that is meant to annoy or terrorize an individual is defined as criminal harassment.

Film examines child support and African-American fathers

Some Colorado fathers who have fallen behind in child support payments may be dealing with a combination of factors that includes little or no income and a lack of knowledge about how to navigate the child support system. In a documentary film about child support and African-American fathers, Rel Dowdell examines how they are disproportionately affected by problems in the system.

AASM warns of drowsy driving risks within ridesharing industry

People in Colorado generally enjoy the convenience provided by ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Passengers, however, might not realize that drivers for these companies could work long hours and experience sleep deprivation. A recent statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine called for increased regulation of ridesharing to reduce the public safety risks produced by drowsy drivers.

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