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White collar crime

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Blog, Criminal Defense |

White-collar crime in Colorado refers to a crime that is financial and does not involve violence. These crimes include fraud, securities violations, and similar matters. Although they are nonviolent, their scale can be large.

The nature of white collar crime

Most white-collar crime involves some kind of fraud or deception, whether that be lying to investors or cooking the books of a company to make fake financial reports. That same aspect means evidence can be hard to find. There are no weapons, drugs, or other portions of physical evidence left behind. Cases for white-collar crime often rely on witness testimony from whistleblowers or people involved in the crime who have agreed to help the prosecutor in exchange for a deal. In some cases, there are fraudulent documents or records of the crime available to use as evidence.

White collar cases

The lack of evidence is just one barrier to white collar criminal cases. Often, there is turnover at the company or organization where the crimes took place. Since white-collar cases can involve events over several years, it can be hard to locate a witness who was in the right place at the right time to see something and who is willing and able to testify. Additionally, the technical complexity of these cases can be hard to explain to a jury. They will involve high finance and deals that might not sound different from how jurors expect a company to run normally.

White-collar crimes are commonplace, but often difficult to prove in court. Those who have been accused of such crimes should research their options and develop an understanding of possible defenses to such charges.

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