There are various reasons why people find themselves pulled over for suspected drunk driving, whether they got behind the wheel while drinking at a party (even though this behavior is atypical for them) or they struggle with an addiction to alcohol and are frequently drunk. Moreover, some people may be pulled over for driving drunk even though they are sober and even charged with DUI wrongfully. Every case is different, and in this post, we will examine some factors that are related to DUI charges in the early morning hours.

There are many different reasons why people drive drunk early in the morning. As mentioned earlier, some people may struggle with an addiction to alcohol and they may drink before leaving for work or other responsibilities. Furthermore, some people may be hungover, without realizing that they are still above the legal limit. For example, someone who stayed up very late at a party may decide to drive home in the morning. However, their blood alcohol content level may still be above the legal limit, which could lead to serious consequences if they are pulled over.

These are just some of the different factors to take into consideration when it comes to drunk driving charges during the early morning hours. If you were pulled over for DUI at this time of the day, or at any other time, it is pivotal to review the different legal options that you may have. Our law office knows how stressful this situation can be, especially for someone who recently woke up, and it is important to assess your options at once.