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DUI charges during a divorce

On Behalf of | May 4, 2020 | Dui/dwai |

Those who are dealing with the end of their marriage often have many different hurdles to work through, such as high levels of anxiety, depression and even financial strain. Unfortunately, this causes some people to make poor choices or behave abnormally. For example, some who are generally very responsible are more likely to drink excessively or even get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Unfortunately, those stopped for driving drunk while ending their marriage often experience additional problems in their lives, not only in terms of their divorce but also with respect to their relationship with their kids and other aspects of their future.

Custody concerns

For starters, a DUI has the potential to interfere with one’s custody case. Someone pulled over for driving drunk is more likely to lose a custody dispute or struggle with a less favorable outcome. For example, an ex is likely to bring a DUI up in court when there is disagreement over how to award child custody. Moreover, losing one’s driving privileges and struggling with time behind bars or the financial consequences of a DUI case also brings up serious concerns with respect to child custody.

Other aspects of divorce

Aside from custody, many other divorce-related issues are impacted by DUI charges (including post-divorce obligations, such as alimony and child support). It is essential to prepare for all of the different ways in which a DUI case will impact you, not only in terms of your divorce but with respect to other aspects of your life as well. Our law office discusses other DUI topics on our blog.

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