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A trial attorney with overwhelming success in court.

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Protect Your Children With A Fair Support Order

Whether the parents are divorcing or have never been married, child support disputes can be a significant source of stress and conflict.

At The Law Office of Care Enichen, LLC, we believe that children are precious. A fair order of support is the best way to preserve the financial health and emotional well-being of everyone involved. A fair order can not only help provide for the children financially, it can also resolve a lot of tension that would otherwise surround them.

Navigating The Complex Issues That Surround Support Orders

It is important to understand that child support belongs to the child, not the parent receiving the support on the child’s behalf. It is the legal responsibility of every parent to support their child, even if that parent does not have physical custody or is disinterested in being a parent.

In addition, the state has established specific guidelines that control how support is calculated. However, there are a number of things that need to be considered, including any spousal support that is being paid, the true income of the other parent, any special needs the child may have and how credit for shared physical custody should be handled.

It is important to have a lawyer on your side to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Whether you expect to receive support or pay it, you should have someone guiding you through the process and guarding your interests.

Care Enichen believes that skillful negotiation is the key to a successful child support agreement. Whenever possible, she aims to minimize conflict and obtain a resolution that both parties can agree upon. However, if necessary, she is also an aggressive litigator who will not hesitate to fight for your rights in court. Care also may be able to help you change child support if your circumstances have evolved since the initial court order.

Contact A Fair-Minded Attorney Today

An unfair order of support can put incredible strain on a parent and create unnecessary tensions in the family that are bound to negatively affect the children. Protect your children financially and emotionally by insisting on a fair order of support.

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